3 Reasons to Choose RiteCare for DOT Physicals in Hialeah

DOT physicals hialeah

If you drive commercially – or you employ commercial drivers – then you will be familiar with what a DOT physical is. However, for those who are new to DOT physicals, let us explain.

What is a DOT Physical?

DOT stands for Department Of Transportation. A DOT physical is a medical examination which commercial drivers are required to undergo in order to obtain their DOT card (which they need in order to operate commercial vehicles. Drivers need to undergo this exam every two years to renew their DOT card. RiteCare Occupational Medicine Center offers DOT physicals in Hialeah, Miami.

3 Reasons to Choose RiteCare for DOT Physicals in Hialeah

As a commercial driver, it is always a bit of an inconvenience to get your first DOT card or to renew an old one. That is why at RiteCare we aim to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Below are 3 reasons why you should consider RiteCare for your next DOT physical in Hialeah.

1. High level of quality

In the event that you are every involved in a litigated car accident, you want to be 100% sure that you were medically able to operate your commercial vehicle. This is why it’s important to choose a medical provider who can guarantee a high level of quality when conducting your DOT physical. RiteCare adheres to all of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards. This includes performing a variety of health checkups, including:

  • Testing your sight, hearing, blood pressure, your physical endurance, as well as other indicators
  • A drug test (read more about drug tests in Hialeah)

2. Affordability

RiteCare offers very affordable DOT physicals. With unpredictable gas prices, it helps employers to know that they can rely on affordable DOT physicals every 2 years.

3. Convenience

Our Occupational Center is conveniently located at 915 W. 49 Street in  Hialeah. We accept walk-in patients, plus you can also now Schedule Online. For your convenience, we also provide a range of other physical examinations which employers require. Read more about DOT Physicals in Hialeah or Contact Us.

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