4 Tips for Safe Exercising and Injury Prevention from Medical Center Hialeah

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Engagement into fitness and healthy lifestyle has never been so visible as in recent decades. Indeed, exercising is a great way to stay healthy, obtain an athletic body and even socialize. This growing trend has reached various people groups – teenagers and the elderly, men and women, occasional joggers to triathletes and record breakers.  With all the benefits and positive image in mind, people tend to dive into new active routines often without the proper physical condition. Right away they want to lift heavier weights, go on longer runs, and bring more intensity to their workouts. This may simply sound like a high level of motivation, but the problem is that it is often is unrealistic – and sometimes even dangerous.


Physical therapists from our Medical Center in Hialeah share some tips to make your exercising safe

1. Evaluate your health condition and fitness level

This involves assessing your lifestyle, including diet and activity level as well as screening your medical history. Whether you feel dizzy occasionally or experience back pain, which may seem minor to you, scheduling an appointment with a medical professional is necessary before the start of a new routine. Medical Center Hialeah may become your reference point, as physical therapists there do not only deal with injuries, but also help you to detect and prevent potential risks.

2. Choose an activity tailored to your needs and interests

Selecting the best workout is about understanding yourself, your lifestyle, and goals. If you do not plan to run a marathon, do not force yourself to run one hour daily. If you are busy with family and work responsibilities, do not try to fit 2 hours gym session in to your schedule: choose 30 minutes workout of higher intensity at home. But most importantly, pick an activity that corresponds to your current fitness level. The physical therapists at our Medical Center in Hialeah  indicate that one of the reasons for sport injuries among their clients is trying to do too much and too fast. At the end of the day your workout should be designed to bring you joy and reduce stress, so take it easy on yourself.

3. Control the intensity and pace of your sport routines

Visualizing your fast results is a good way to motivate yourself. However, despite good intentions, you need to move towards your goals gradually. Excessive exercising may come at a great cost for your health. To avoid the risks, listen to your body first. If your muscles still hurt from your previous workout, focus on another muscle group or change the activity to cardio. While sculpting your body, don’t neglect joints, breathing, circulation, coordination, and balance. A diverse exercising routine will also bring more fun and increase likelihood of commitment.

4. Make overall wellness your life goal

Looking thinner should not be your only motivator. Being active is a way to achieve multiple goals: increase energy levels, control stress and manage anxiety, and keep cholesterol levels in check. Keeping all of this in mind, your overall well being should be the main outcome. Transform your healthy habits into a mindset and lifestyle that will lead to vitality and longevity.

Further Information

Do you need a qualified physical therapist’s advice to help you achieve better results? If you are looking for a professional physical therapist in Hialeah, contact our Ritecare Medical Center 7 days per week. Our certified staff will help you to increase your mobility, as well as advise on how to prevent sport injuries.