5 Services you didn’t know were offered at RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center in Hialeah

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When you hear the name “RiteCare Medical Center” you may be able to guess a couple of the services which are offered here. Yes, the center is a Hialeah urgent care center, and yes, the center also provides primary care in Hialeah. However, there are several other very useful services which are provided, which perhaps you do not know about. Here are 5 of them:

1. Physical examinations

There are many types of physical examinations and all of them are provided here onsite at RiteCare Medical Center in Hialeah. Patients can come to RiteCare for immigration physicals, pre-employment physicals, DOT physicals, as well as many other physical examinations.

2. Drug testing

RiteCare provides drug testing for regular patients, as well as employment alcohol and drug testing in Hialeah. There are a variety of drug panels to choose from, plus a range of testing methodology. Testing can be done via urine, blood, and hair collection, among other ways.

3. Treatment of Auto Injuries

As you may know, Florida has a “no fault” auto insurance system, whereby each auto accident victim receives up to $10,000 in medical expenses. This may seem like a lot, but it can quickly disappear with expensive hospital fees. Of course, if your injury is life-threatening, you should proceed immediately to the nearest Emergency Room or call 911. However, if your injury is NOT life-threatening, then it may benefit you to go to RiteCare’s Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah. Treatment is of a high-standard, while still being affordable, meaning that your PIP money ($10,000) goes further.

4. Occupational Therapy

As the name suggests, occupational therapy is usually associated with improving employees’ health, so that they can return to partaking in their occupational activities. However, not many people know that occupational therapists may also help regular patients return to other daily activities – not necessarily work-related. Read more about occupational therapy in Hialeah. Occupational therapists often work closely with RiteCare’s Physicals Therapist in Hialeah.

5. Vaccinations

Whether you’re going on vacation to a tropical country, need a booster, or have children who need their first round of vaccinations, RiteCare can meet all your needs. Read more about vaccinations in Hialeah.

About RiteCare Medical Center

RiteCare has been providing urgent care, occupational medicine, and the above services to residents and employees of Hialeah since 2005. The center has become well-known for offering a high level of care at affordable prices. With modern day work schedules and responsibilities, the walk-in urgent care center in particular has been very popular. Read more about RiteCare’s Medical Center in Hialeah.