Air Travel Precautions

Make air travel a fun experience for international destinations. RiteCare Medical Center offers this quick reminder list for our readers.

Before You Go

1. Boost your immune system with doses of vitamin C three days before your trip.  Airlines typically re-circulate about 50% of the cabin air through HEPA filters which are used in hospital settings to remove air particles harmful to us.

2. Consider taking aspirin the day before your flight for anti-coagulation (no clotting) purposes.  When you sit without moving for long hours, the blood collects into your ankles which may create the right situation for developing a blood clot which may travel to a vital organ.

3. Keep your nasal passages and ears clear by taking a decongestant as directed 24 hours before your flight. This will shrink the membranes in your sinuses and ears.

During the Flight

4. Drink loads of non-caffeinated fluids like juice or water during your flight to stay hydrated.   Consider drinking 8 ounces per hour as a travel precaution in-flight.

5. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed to encourage good circulation. Instead, prop your feet on some carry-on luggage or get up for a brief walk in the aisle.

6. Bring a Ziploc bag of healthy snacks in your carry-on bag even for what should be

a short flight.   Less airlines serve food to ward off fatigue or serve high calorie choices which may send your blood sugar plummeting.

7. Skip the alcohol during the flight. The air in the plane is dry enough; alcohol just dehydrates you even more.  The same goes for caffeinated drinks.

8. Dress in layers. Planes are often too hot or too cold. Stay in control of your own temperature by having layers to add or subtract.

Travel Medicine

Remember to visit your physician and get any travel vaccines or immunizations necessary for your destination, about four weeks in advance.   Rite Care has physician appointments or walk in appointments for prompt medical attention.