Are you already packing for your Spring Break trip? Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah shares 3 tips to keep in mind while on the road!

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Students like March for one very simple reason – it means Spring Break! Apart from days off from school, college students will most likely hit the road and head for a popular vacation destination, where they will be able to relax and have fun with their friends. For most of them, it will require traveling by car. This, however, calls for extra caution since the number of cars on the roads dramatically increases, as does the risk of getting into an accident. In today’s article, RiteCare auto injury clinic in Hialeah shares 3 useful tips worth familiarizing yourself with before you even get into the car.

1.  How to avoid getting into a car accident

There are certain measures that you can take in order to prevent a car accident. One of them is never getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. Alcohol consumption greatly decreases the ability to focus, reason and react. With impaired judgment, an accident is only a matter of time. Always remember to pick a designated driver before you start your night out; if nobody agrees to be one, simply call a taxi or ride-sharing service afterwards, or use public transportation to get back to your house or hotel.

Another important piece of advice is to avoid using your cellphone while driving. Texting, using apps, or even talking on the phone are all distracting. Why would you risk a head-on collision with another car only because you were paying attention to the phone screen instead of the road? Always fully focus on what’s ahead of you and navigate the car with both hands on the steering wheel.

Last but not least, if you feel like falling asleep, never try to push through that extra mile, even if the destination is a stone’s throw from where you currently are. Our auto injury clinic in Hialeah recommends taking breaks frequently if you’re driving long distances. Take a pit stop, stretch your legs, drink some coffee, or even take a catnap. Reaching your destination an hour later is no big deal compared to losing your life in a car accident caused by dozing off on the highway.

2.  Act quickly

Even if you drive safely, you may end up in a car accident anyway due to others’ recklessness. Open fractures and blood are clear indicators that you need immediate medical attention. If you haven’t suffered any life-threatening injuries, it is still worth seeing a physician who will evaluate you. There’s a good chance you will not realize you got injured, thanks to the adrenaline rush from the accident. At first sight, everything might seem all right, but the truth is that you might have gotten whiplash that, untreated, could lead to serious health complications. You could have even broken one of your carpal bones, which doesn’t hurt much but can lead to stiffness in your wrist if neglected. At our auto injury clinic in Hialeah, we always run a range of tests to determine if our post-car-accident patients have suffered any serious injuries, so we can speed up their recovery process. Another reason to act quickly after a car accident is insurance. If you don’t seek medical help within 14 days after your accident, your insurance company may not agree to cover you. Certain health conditions caused by a car accident may be harder to prove after too much time passes.

3.  The hospital is not always the best place to go

As we mentioned in one of our previous articles, use your best judgment before you decide where to head for medical help. Usually the first thing that comes to people’s minds after a car accident is to immediately go to the nearest hospital. The fact is that if your injuries aren’t life-threatening, you could end up waiting in the waiting room for several hours before receiving treatment. To avoid wasting time, practices like RiteCare Urgent Care Center which is also an Auto Injury Clinic in Hialeah will be much more beneficial for you. Our medical stuff will see you after approximately 30 minutes. Not only will you save time, but also money. Hospitals tend to be pricey, whereas auto injury clinics provide more affordable treatments. At our Medical Center in Hialeah, we are aware that accidents happen after business hours and on the weekends as well; for this reason, we are open 365 days a year to be able to give you the care that you deserve, whenever you need it.

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