Become a VIP

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Excellent Medical Care You Can Afford Basic Walk-In Visit $99

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In order to take advantage of all our services we recommend that you register with Ritecare as a VIP member. Our VIP members can receive weekly or quarterly information about their employees, retrieve some of this information online, direct communication with our staff, create appointments for your employees, receive discounts, prioritized testing results, and overall a personable case management that will fit your current medical needs.

Does it cost?

Absolutely NOT. We want you and your company to become a part of the RiteCare Team by providing you with excellent, reliable and prompt occupational medicine, In order to do so we want you to become a VIP member, which will only benefit your company.

How will this benefit my company?

By becoming a VIP Ritecare client you are protecting your company from accidents and potential lawsuits. In Ritecare we are experts in workers compensation and we guarantee your employee to be treated with the best medical attention while handling your case with accurate documentation and professionalism.

How can I become a VIP?


In Ritecare Medical Center we make things easy for you, there is not complicated paperwork, there are only three simple steps:

  • 1) Go to VIP in the Bottom of the page
  • 2) Go to Forms
  • 3) Fill the “New Clients” form online or fax it back to us

If you prefer to print/fax please follow instructions at the bottom of form.

If you need additional notes or instructions please let us know, we will be more than pleased to prepared a tailored program that will fit the medical needs of your company.