Diagnostic procedures available at our Walk In Clinic in Hialeah, Part 2

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Last month we introduced you to some of the diagnostic services available at Ritecare Urgent Care. In the previous article, we mentioned EKG, Vital Signs (B/P), X-Rays, PPD and Vaccines. Here are 4 more physical examinations that we perform in our Walk In clinic in Hialeah:

1.  Vision Test

Vision screening is used to test various functions of the eye. It is completely painless and may cause only minor discomfort. The most common and easiest test used to check the patient’s eyesight is a visual acuity test. They measure the ability to see details up close and afar. They also measure the power of focusing the eye on those details. Both eyes are tested separately and the test usually consists of reading letters or symbols of various sizes on an eye chart.

The test also checks whether the patient has nearsightedness (when the image is formed in front of the retina, not on it) and farsightedness (when the image is formed behind the eye, not on it). Another part of the vision screening is color vision testing that evaluates what is the patient’s capability to distinguish colors. It is often used for the applicants whose job requires them to differentiate colors (e.g. DOT exam).

2.  Hearing Test

In our walk in Clinic in Hialeah we also conduct hearing test. They are designed to establish the range of hearing of the patient. The test usually takes no more than 10 minutes. An Audiogram enables the doctor to monitor any changes in the auditory function and helps to detect hearing loss. The test is conducted in a soundproof booth where the patient needs to put on headphones which are attached to the audiometer. It measures the person’s reaction to tones of controlled intensity. Both ears are tested individually. It is crucial to detect a hearing loss an at early stage in order to improve it. The hearing test will determine what is the reason of the hearing degradation and what treatment should be implemented.

3.  Drug Screens

There are many reasons why employers require drug screening. The main purpose is to create a safe and productive workplace. As a matter of fact, more and more companies request a pre-employment drug testing for their new employees. People addicted to substances like drugs or alcohol are four times more likely to have an accident at work and they are more prone to put their co-workers in a life-threatening situation. A drug test is very sensitive and will detect even trace amounts of drugs in the person’s system. It tests the presence of: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine and amphetamines. Read more about Drug Testing in Hialeah.

4.  Urinary Test

A urinary test is important when you suspect you have a urinary tract infection, kidney disease etc. What’s worth keeping in mind is that the urinary test can help diagnose certain metabolic diseases as well (liver disease or diabetes). There are multiple substances that can be found in urine, such as: protein, sugar, red blood cells, white blood cells, ketone, bilirubin, etc. Patients receive a lot of information regarding their health based on the urinary test results. They find out if their kidneys are working properly, whether they have any inflammation of the renal pelvis, or they can even confirm pregnancy. Another thing easily detectable in urine are drugs. They are still present in a human system up to several weeks after being taken.

About RiteCare Walk In Clinic in Hialeah

Those are only a few out of a full range of diagnostic services that RiteCare Walk In Clinic in Hialeah offers. Contact us today and speak to one of the members of our staff. They will tell you even more about the procedures we provide. Don’t waste any more time on waiting for an appointment with your physician and visit our after hours urgent care center to see our urgent care physician. We are aware that some health conditions can’t wait another day or two for a diagnose, that’s why our clinic is open seven days a week. We care about our patients and strive to give you the care that you deserve!