DOT Physicals: Can I Get a Clearance if I Have a Medical Condition?

Working as a commercial motor vehicle driver can be physically demanding. Because the hours are long and erratic and the work environment of being on the road entails huge risks, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires a physical examination to ascertain that drivers are prepared for the demands of their jobs. 

According to the regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), commercial motor vehicle drivers who operate a truck that weighs 10,000 pounds must successfully pass a DOT physical every two years.

DOT physicals in Hialeah must be conducted by a certified medical examiner who can perform and evaluate the driver’s eyes, heart, lungs, spine, abdomen, and the other systems of the body. 

Disqualification of DOT Medical Clearance

If the driver is healthy, then the DOT will issue a DOT medical card. But what if the driver has a medical condition?  

According to the FMCSA regulations, drivers with medical conditions may:

  • Still acquire a clearance to drive based on a thorough assessment by the medical examiner 
  • Receive a temporary disqualification until they do something about their condition
  • Need to reapply and be reassessed for an exemption for certain conditions
  • Undergo a skill performance evaluation

For drivers with health issues that are not serious, the medical examiner at Ritecare medical center Hialeah may still approve the clearance and recommend treatment options that they can follow, even if they are working, to reverse or manage the condition The medical examiner, however, may also temporarily disqualify the driver for a certain period and ask him to return for another evaluation to find out if his health has improved.

DOT Medical Clearance for Serious Conditions and Exemptions

If the medical condition is serious, such as vision impairment, vertigo, hypertension, respiratory problems, epilepsy, and mental disorders, the driver may apply for the FMCSA Exemption Program. Another thorough evaluation shall be undertaken by the DOT in this case, which might prevent the driver from going back on the road for at least six months.

If the driver has a disability or has a missing limb, he may apply for a skill performance evaluation. This will help the DOT determine if the driver’s impairment might get in the way of his work or whether he can safely be on the road. 

Medical examiners listed in the National Registry may provide the DOT certification, but only the FMCSA can grant waivers and exemptions. 

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