DOT Physicals Hialeah

If you are a future commercial driver, you’re most likely aware that the law requires you to take a Department of Transportation Health exam every two years in order to keep your DOT card and be able to operate a commercial vehicle. Since your career depends on this exam, we understand that it may be a stressful experience for you. This article is aimed at taking a bit of this strain off of you and give you an idea of what the appointment will look like. We will also share some advice about how to prepare yourself for your DOT physical examination, and explain why RiteCare Urgent Care is your best choice for DOT physicals in Hialeah.

DOT physicals Hialeah: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A DOT physical is one of those things that simply has to be done and you can’t avoid it. To pass the exam, you need to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards. The medical examiner will determine whether your health condition is good enough so that you will not pose any threat to the public safety resulting from your disorder, disease, etc. Below we answer the most frequent questions that our patients ask before the appointment.

1. What does DOT Physicals in Hialeah include?

We will test your:

  • Sight – distance vision, horizontal field of vision, color distinction
  • Hearing – has to be good enough to take notice of a forced whispered voice at a distance of minimum 5 feet
  • Blood pressure – should be on par or lower than 160/100
  • Blood Sugar levels – should not exceed 200
  • Ability to operate a vehicle – impairment of any extremity, sense of touch, Hand/eye coordination, circular range of motion and finally holding or grasping.
  • Mental stability – decision making, basic alertness, and any signs of depression, anger, stress, or anxiety
  • Your physical endurance
  • Additionally, we will do the Drug Alcohol Testing and check the likelihood of you falling asleep while driving

2. Does a DOT physical include a drug test?

Yes, a drug test is an important part of the DOT physical. The test is very sensitive and will show positive results even if there is a trace amount of drugs in your system. Read more about Drug Testing Hialeah.

3. What is the drug panel tested during a DOT physical?

Drivers are tested for drugs such as: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine and amphetamines.

4. Can I refuse to do the drug test?

If you refuse to take the drug test, you will be automatically treated as if your test was positive and hence disqualified. Read more about Drug Testing Hialeah.

5. What is the most common reason why drivers fail the test?

There are two very common reasons for failing the DOT physical: high blood pressure and uncontrolled sugar levels in the urine

6. What happens when I pass the test?

Drivers who pass the DOT physical exam receive their DOT medical certificate which is valid for two years.

7. Is the DOT card always issued for 24 months?

It is usually issued for two years, however, in some cases the medical examiner may issue only a temporary DOT card valid for a year or less. This tends to happen when you have a medical condition which requires monitoring.

8. What should I bring with me to the DOT physical in Hialeah?

Everyone is required to bring:

  • State-issued photo identification  
  • Contact lenses or eyeglasses if you need them for driving
  • Hearing aid if you need it for driving
  • Medical Release Opinion which is a letter from your treating doctor in case you have ever had or still have any medical condition (e.g. seizures, heart surgery, muscular disease, shortness of breath, dizziness, stroke, liver disease, etc.). The document should include the diagnosis, onset date, physician’s name and address, list of medications and any current limitations.

9. What happens after the DOT physical?

The medical examiner will make one of the following four decisions:

  •       Issue a DOT card for you which is valid for the next two years
  •       Issue a DOT card for a time limit of 3 / 6 months, or up to a year
  •       Disqualify the driver temporarily because of medication or condition
  •       Disqualify the driver

Ritecare Urgent Care: Do you have additional questions about getting your DOT physical in Hialeah?

In case we haven’t addressed any of your questions or concerns, don’t hesitate and contact our Medical Center in Hialeah. At RiteCare Urgent Care, our trained staff is knowledgeable in both state and motor carrier rules and regulations. They are ready to walk you through the process and make sure that your visit will be as stress free as possible. We will provide you with excellent, reliable, and affordable care. Don’t forget, we are open 7 days a week and no appointment necessary!