Why do most employers require drug tests?

hialeah drug testing

It is not legally mandatory for employers to drug test potential workers. However, around 40-60% of employers still perform a screening. For example, in culinary, creative and entertainment industries many staff are tested for drugs. Jobs with a higher risk of getting injuries, government jobs, or jobs involving interaction with people will likely have a drug screening requirement.  

While common perception of drug testing may be negative within potential employees, the underlying reason for testing is the cost of carrying legal, moral and business responsibility in case of an issue. Ritecare center ‘s specialist who perform drug testing, Hialeah, share their best knowledge and reasoning behind drug testing requirements.

hialeah drug testing


Not only the person using drugs can put himself or herself in danger, but also other people at the workplace, customers or visitors. For example, an employee, who misuses drugs, may fail to perform safety checks for the product that is later sold to the customer. Then the customer might get injured while using this product and the situation leads to the points described below.


If after investigation, the company producing a product that led to the injury is claimed at fault, it will not be the employee described above who will carry the responsibility. Legal consequences will follow under the business’s responsibility, not the employee’s. The amount a company may need to pay is normally double or triple if the employee is consuming drugs compared to the same situation when employee does not abuse drugs.

For instance, an employee using drugs might have been producing a product for customers. That product may have needed strict safety checks. However, due to the drug abuse, these were not conducted effectively. As such, once a product was bought it injured a customer. What happens next? Well, that brings us to the third reason for conducting drug tests in a company.

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Of course, it’s not just legal damages that they must worry about. Business owners also need to consider what effect a lawsuit like this could have on the reputation of their company. If a report reveals that employees were using drugs and checks were not in place, it might stop customers from buying. Furthermore, it could even scare off investors leaving the business without a source of funding.

Increased health costs

The basic rule of any business is to keep costs low. This includes medical costs and expenses connected with accidents at the workplace. Ritecare specialists performing drug testing, Hialeah say that drug users tend to experience health issues more often, which results in additional insurance costs.

According to workers compensation regulations, there are injuries involving drug use for which employer will not have to pay under one condition: an employee is drug tested.

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