Hialeah Urgent Care Center – Introducing RiteCare Medical Center and Dr. Hossein Joukar

Hialeah Urgent Care

RiteCare Medical Center is a Hialeah Urgent Care Center that opened January 2013 under the direction of Dr. Joukar. The center was founded on the following core principles: to provide optimal patient care by ensuring all patients receive reliable, personal, excellent healthcare that is cost effective, to create and maintain a great working environment, and to continuously evaluate and improve every aspect of our practice to ensure that we excel in both patient care and employee satisfaction. In our center, we provide affordable care of the highest quality, thanks to the professional team of our physicians.

Meet Dr. Hossein Joukar

Dr. Joukar is the medical director and CEO of our Hialeah Urgent Care Center. He is is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician with over 15 years of experience.

Board Status

Dr. Joukar is also a member of the American Board of Emergency Medicine and the American Board of Independent Medical Practitioners. He has practiced in both Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers for over ten years bringing his passion for medicine to South Florida.

Where was Dr. Joukar educated?

Dr. Joukar has a Bachelor of Science from the University of California Los Angeles. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at NYU/Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City in 2000 before making the move to South Florida.

About Dr. Joukar

Dr. Joukar  is committed to ensuring that all patients receive exceptional care in a manner that exceeds his patients’ expectations. Currently Dr. Joukar is licensed to practice Medicine in Florida, New York, and California. With such an extensive resume, Dr. Joukar sought out to develop Hialeah Urgent Care Center, Ritecare Medical Center, from writing the business plan to the grand opening in 2005.

Ritecare Medical Center is a modern, patient-friendly facility known for it’s excellent patient care and professional medical staff, ready to go the extra mile to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions or would like to request an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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