Planning an international trip? Here’s what vaccines you should get!

Vaccines – Single Dose Shots

Tetanus, hepatitis A, typhoid, and polio are all single-dose vaccines. However, if you are leaving soon, your body might not have time to develop protection after the shot, so you should follow your doctor’s advice for reducing your risk of these diseases.

Yellow fever vaccine and meningococcal vaccine are also single-dose vaccines.

Proof of yellow fever vaccination is required to enter many countries, and to enter Saudi Arabia, proof of meningococcalvaccine is required for people performing Hajj (personal pilgrimage to Mecca).   Keep in mind that proof is valid after 10 days from injection of the vaccine.

Vaccines – Multiple Dose Shots

  • Hepatitis B vaccine requires multiple doses but has an accelerated schedule (more doses given in a shorter period of time) which may be completed before your trip.
  • Japanese encephalitis vaccines require multiple doses and do not have accelerated schedules. If Japanese encephalitis vaccine is recommended and you cannot get all the doses, your doctor may recommend taking steps to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Rabies is a full series of vaccines.  If you cannot complete the multiple doses, it’s best to avoid all animals during your overseas trip and seek immediate medical care if you are bitten.