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physical therapy in hialeah

Physical therapy has multiple benefits. It helps people get on their feet sooner during the recovery period following an injury, as well as enables them to move around freely without any pain, and perform everyday activities like walking, bending or even standing up from the couch without any discomfort. Apart from that, physical therapy is also often recommended by physicians before resorting to surgery, which can be costly and invasive.

For example, it has been proven that for some health issues, such as degenerative disk disease or rotator cuff tear. At the same time PT is as effective as a surgery.  It is also beneficial to try physical therapy for any long-term health issues e.g. arthritis. If you are looking for help in restoring your mobility and pain-free movements. You should definitely read our todays article. You can find out why RiteCare Medical Center will be your best choice for physical therapy in Hialeah.

Physical Therapy in Hialeah – What Conditions can it treat?

We are aware how important it is for our patients to be able to do their daily routines without any pain. We also realize that the range of health conditions is vast and there are many different physical therapy plans to be considered. With that in mind, our physical therapists in Hialeah can treat the following conditions:

  1.     Treat Adults, Pediatric and Geriatric
  2.     Sports Injuries
  3.     Spinal Cord Injuries
  4.     Stroke
  5.     Arthritis
  6.     Neck Pain
  7.     Back Pain
  8.     Neurological Disorders
  9.     WorkersCompensation
  10.  Auto Accidents

We provide specialized programs designed just for you!

If you choose our Medical Center in Hialeah for your physical therapy in Hialeah, we will provide you with programs tailored to your needs. No matter whether your illness is temporary or chronic. And how advanced it is. Our special programs that are a combination of medical care and rehabilitation services will help you get back to full mobility. Increase the level of your activity, and improve the quality of your life. Our professional physical therapists will assist you throughout the whole process of healing, from the moment when we diagnose you to the end when you recover.

What can you expect when receiving physical therapy in Hialeah?

You should always bear in mind that physical therapy can be implemented alone. Or in conjunction with other treatments. The standard process of physical therapy in Hialeah consists of an initial conversation with the physical therapist. Who will ask you about your symptoms, then examine and evaluate you. Moreover, once the diagnosis is made, the goals are set accordingly (it might be increasing your coordination, endurance, flexibility, etc.). As well as the treatment plan appropriate for you. Next you undergo the recommended treatment which usually includes specific exercises that target the painful areas of your body. Also physical therapy may also include ultrasound, electric stimulation, light or hot and cold therapy. After the treatment, we will give you some recommendation on how to maintain good health. And how to avoid any factors that might cause your health condition to get worse again.

RiteCare Medical Center – visit us today!

We are accessible and accept patients on a walk-in basis. At RiteCare we accept major health insurances. And are a network provider for multiple HMO, PPO, POS plans, and workers’ compensation networks. To avoid any confusion, we always make it clear to our patients how much of the treatment will be covered as well as how high the co-pay will be for each visit. If you are still looking for the best place for your physical therapy in Hialeah. Again we encourage you to swing by our office today! Also we will give you the care that you deserve to make your life better and more enjoyable.

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