What is Occupational Medicine? What services does an Occupational Medicine Center provide?

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You may have heard the term “occupational medicine” before, but have you ever stopped to ask what it means? Plus, did you know what services occupational medicine doctors and centers provide? This article aims to answer both questions, so read on for the answers!

What is Occupational Medicine?

According to the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Occupational Medicine is…


“a board-certified specialty within the profession of preventive medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses.”


Occupational Medicine doctors and practitioners…


enhance the health of workers through clinical care, prevention, disability management, research and education.

What services does an Occupational Medicine Center provide?

Occupational medicine centers provide a range of services (usually to employers and employees), including treating work-related injuries, preventing work-related injuries, disability management, drug testing and diagnostics, as well as several other related services.


For example, RiteCare Medical Center in Hialeah provides the following Occupational Medicine services:

Physical Examinations

Pre-employment physicals can save employers thousands of dollars by identifying pre-existing conditions. There are several types of physical examination, including DOT physicals, pre-employment/post-offer; annual; fitness for duty; return to work; and custom evaluations tailored to your company’s needs and requirements. Read more about Physical Exams in Hialeah.

DOT Physicals

If you are a future commercial driver, you’re most likely aware that the law requires you to take a Department of Transportation Health exam every two years in order to keep your DOT card and be able to operate a commercial vehicle.  Read more about DOT Physicals in Hialeah.

Drug Testing

Drug testing programs save employers money and assist in creating a safe and productive work environment. There are real and hidden costs associated with drug and alcohol abuse. Substance abusers are four times more likely to have accidents at work and are responsible for nearly half of workplace fatalities. Other costs, like those associated with pilferage, personnel turnover, and damage to a business’ public image, are harder to measure but no less debilitating. Read more about Drug Testing in Hialeah.

Treating Work Related Injuries

As a local Hialeah urgent care center, RiteCare is able to treat non-life-threatening work-related injuries. The center is open 7 days a week makes it a convenient alternative to expensive hospitals, which can often have long wait times for such non-life-threatening injuries.

On Site X-Ray & Diagnostics

Employers find it very convenient to have “everything in one place”. By offering on site Xrays and diagnostics, it means that the injured employee can get everything taken care of then and there, which speeds up the “return to work” process.

Custom Programs Tailored to the Employer’s Needs

Every employer is unique, which is why RiteCare offers custom programs tailored to employer’s specific individual needs. Read more about becoming a RiteCare VIP Client.

Further Information about RiteCare Medical Center and Occupational Medicine in Hialeah

Ritecare Medical Center provides your company an easier and faster solution. Ritecare Occupational medicine was created with one simple focus: to get your employees back to work as fast as possible. Read more about Occupational Medicine in Hialeah, or Contact RiteCare Medical Center.