What is Osha Non Recordable?

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What is considered non recordable by osha?


Medical treatment is recordable and first aid doesn’t require any documentation in certain circumstances. How do employers know the difference between a medical treatment and first aid in the workplace?


Here is a concise list of what first aid actions which do not need any employer documentation.

  • Using a non-prescription medication at nonprescription strength.
  • Administering tetanus immunization (other immunization, such as Hep B vaccine or rabies).
  • Cleaning, flushing or soaking wounds on the surface of the skin.
  • Using wound coverings such as bandages, gauze pads, butterfly bandages, Steri-Strips.
  • Using hot or cold therapy.
  • Using temporary immobilization devices while transporting an accident victim (splints, slings, neck collars, back boards, etc).
  • Drilling of a fingernail or toenail to relieve pressure, or draining fluid from a blister.
  • Removing foreign bodies from the eye using only irrigation or a cotton swab.
  • Removing splinters or foreign material by irrigation, tweezers, cotton swabs.
  • Using finger guards.
  • Using massage therapy.
  • Drinking fluid for relief of heat stress.

Footnote: For a complete listing of OSHA standards with details listed here: