Physical Examinations

Physical Examinations Hialeah

Our pre-employment physicals can save you thousands of dollars by identifying pre-existing conditions. We offer all sorts of physical examinations: DOT physicals in Hialeah and Non-DOT; pre-employment/post-offer; annual; fitness for duty; return to work; and custom evaluations tailored to your company needs and requirements. All physicals are performed at our walk-in urgent care medical clinic in Hialeah and no appointment is necessary.

Our specialists are able to provide physical examination services such as:

  • Immigration Physical
  • DOT physicials
  • Non-DOT physicals
  • Pre-Employment/Post Offer
  • Annual
  • Fitness-for-Duty
  • Return-to-Work
  • Firefighter Physicals
  • Executive Physicals
  • Diver Certification
  • Any OSHA Required Exam
  • Customized

Some of our testing services include:

  • Audio Testing
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • Respirator Clearance Exam
  • Questionnaire Review
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (Spirometry)
  • Blood work
  • Complete blood count
  • Lead Blood Test
  • Hemogram
  • Chemical Panel
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations, titers, and boosters
  • Lift Tests
  • Treadmill
  • EKG
  • Vaccines
  • Tuberculin Skin Testing – PPD
  • Respirator Clearance and Fit Testing
  • Hearing Conservation Programs
  • Testing for Asbestos
  • Lead and other chemical exposures

Customized Physical Exams for Companies

Ritecare Urgent Medical Center offers customized employee evaluations for employer’s convenience. We can include the clinical components necessary to best evaluate employees based on organizations’ specific requirements.

Some of our testing services include:

  • Audiometric Testing
  • Respiratory Clearance Exam
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (Spirometry)
  • Blood Tests
  • Lead Exposure Monitoring
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • Lift Ability Testing
  • EKG
  • FAA Vision Testing
  • Tuberculin Skin Testing – PPD
  • Asbestos Clearance Testing

DOT Physicals Hialeah

Our physicians are knowledgeable in state and federal motor carrier rules and regulations. Our truck driver exams are quick, thorough and inexpensive. In fact, we perform more DOT truck driver physical exams than all of our competitors combined.

Immigration Physical

RiteCare Medical Center physicians are authorized to conduct physical examinations for aliens who are applying for immigration benefits.

Examination includes:
  • Form # I-693
  • Test for tuberculosis (PPD or chest x-ray)
  • Test for syphilis
  • Test for HIV
  • Immunizations available as needed.

Included with the physical are the following: all required immigration forms, TB test (PPD/Chest x-ray), syphilis test, and HIV test. Immunizations are also available.

Physical Examinations Hialeah – FAQs

Why is it crucial to get your physical exam in Hialeah every year?

We live in an era where everyone is in a rush, has hundreds of things to take care of, and can barely find even just 10 minutes to  to sit down and read a book. After a while of living life at such a fast pace, people sometimes suddenly notice that their blood pressure is too high, they have heart palpitations, and suffer from regular headaches. Only then, when people are facing such health complications, they realize that the last time they went to the doctor to get a physical exam was many years ago. Sometimes at the physician’s office it turns out that their health issues aren’t anything life-threatening and can be easily controlled by a medication or simply by more physical activity. Nevertheless, in some cases, certain health symptoms indicate a serious underlying medical condition that requires treatment immediately. In this article, we spell out the reasons why it is crucial to get your physical exam in Hialeah every year as well as explain what you can anticipate from it.

What is the purpose of an annual physical exam in Hialeah?

It is crucial not to delay with getting your annual physical. It doesn’t take long, yet it checks your general health and identifies any medical problems that may be an issue in the future. It’s a common truth that the sooner any health abnormalities are found, the higher the chance of eliminating them and avoiding any further complications. Apart from that, the exam is also a good opportunity to ask your PCP about any current health concerns you have, discussing any symptoms you experience or simply update any immunizations. Your physician may also give you some tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How should you prepare yourself for the exam?

In order to get the most from your physical exam, it’s important to properly prepare yourself for it. You should make a list of the current medications you take, including any supplements and over-the-counter drugs. Apart from that, don’t forget to bring with you your results from any recent tests. It’s also helpful to ask yourself the following questions ahead of time:

  1. Do you have any concerns related to your health? Have you been experiencing any pain or discomfort lately?
  2. Do you have any illnesses in your history?
  3. Are there any factors that may affect your health, such as diet, stress, smoking, lack of physical activity, etc)?
  4. Are there any hereditary conditions in your family history, or recently discovered issues within your family?

Answers to those questions will help your physician to better evaluate your health. Last, but not least, keep in mind that during your physical exam in Hialeah, the doctor will fully examine your body, hence it might be wise to wear comfortable clothes.

What does a physical exam look like?

The first thing you will need to do after showing up at the doctor’s office is to fill out a form where you will have to answer a set of questions regarding your medical history (past surgeries, allergies, etc). Next, your physician will interview you and that is exactly the time when the questions we asked in the previous section will come in handy. Tell your physician about everything that concerns you. Remember that your appointment is your private time with your PCP and you should ask as many health-related questions as you have. The doctor will later measure your blood pressure, check your heart and respiratory rate, followed by inspecting your body to look for any unusual marks or growths. They will check your eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, nails, motor functions and reflexes. At the very end of the physical, the physician will draw your blood for a few laboratory tests. This is also a crucial part of the exam. Blood test results may indicate any issues with kidneys, liver, immune system, and blood chemistry. It may be required to do a lipid panel or a diabetes screening.

Physical Exams Hialeah – Further Information

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