Our Physical Therapist in Hialeah debunks 5 myths about PT.

Physical Therapist in Hialeah

Physical therapy is becoming more and more popular. If you or anyone you know has ever had an injury, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of physical therapy. It improves and restores mobility, reduces pain, and helps to prevent health issues in the future. Even though the number of patients who try PT to treat their various medical conditions is constantly growing, there still exist many misconceptions about it. In some cases, they discourage people from paying a visit to a physical therapist’s office. In today’s article, we present common myths about physical therapy that you shouldn’t believe in.

1.   Any healthcare professional can perform physical therapy

Unfortunately about 40% of patients believe that any healthcare professional can administer physical therapy, but this is not true. Licensed physical therapists are trained to keep the musculoskeletal system in good condition and recognize any posture problems that may lead to an injury in the future. Additionally, they are able to establish what your muscle imbalance or alignment problems are and come up with the best workout routine for you to address them. Physical therapists may also help you recover faster through massage, electrotherapy, or compression socks. Our physical therapist in Hialeah always creates an individualized treatment plan relevant to his patient’s medical history, age, and prior surgeries.

2.   Physical therapy is expensive

Compared to the cost of surgery, physical therapy doesn’t seem pricey at all. It may also save you a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary scans and prescription drugs. Besides, according to our physical therapist in Hialeah, discovering and treating most postural distortion patterns and degenerations at an early stage will also significantly reduce the cost of the treatment. It’s worth mentioning that many health insurance providers cover the cost of physical therapy to a certain extent.

3.   Surgery is the only option

Sometimes, surgery seems inevitable; however, in some cases, it may be replaced by physical therapy, which brings equally effective outcomes. There are multiple health problems which you would typically expect surgical intervention for, such as degenerative disk disorders or some types of knee osteoarthritis, yet PT turns out to be a perfect alternative to going under the knife. As mentioned before, all programs are tailored according to the patient’s individual needs. For instance, they may be designed to reduce inflammation, expand the range of motion, and increase functional mobility. Such a personalized approach is very important for avoiding any future complications as well as achieving the desired results.

4.   Physical therapy is only meant for people with injuries and after accidents

Physical therapists specialize in improving mobility and restoring motion, meaning you don’t need to suffer from an injury or be right after surgery or an accident to schedule an appointment. They are trained to evaluate and detect potential health problems before they become a serious issue. Our physical therapist in Hialeah has diagnosed many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, and back pain early enough that instead of undergoing advanced and costly treatments, they were able to get better after attending PT sessions.

5.   I can do physical therapy at home

You can certainly do exercise at home. Diligence and commitment will bring faster effects; however, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need guidance from a certified physical therapist. They will evaluate and diagnose you before creating an individualized care plan based on their clinical expertise and years of experience. The internet can be a great source of information and recommendations, but when it comes to your health, we strongly encourage you to speak with a professional.

Do you need a qualified physical therapist in Hialeah?

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