Ritecare Urgent Medical Center provides you with a full range of physicals. Rather than wait weeks for an appointment with your doctor, you can visit our after hours urgent care center to see our urgent care physician. Ritecare Urgent Medical Center also offers sport physicals or school physical at night or over the weekend. Physicals can’t wait; we are open 7 days a week including Saturday and Sunday.   We have many locations throughout the Miami and South Florida region.

These are some of the Physicals that we can provide:

  • EKG
  • Vital Signs (B/P)
  • X – Rays
  • PPD
  • Vaccines
  • Vision Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Drug Screens
  • Urine
  • Height / Weight

If you need a different examination, please let us know and we will develop a tailored examination to fit your medical and urgent care needs.

Is it always required to go for a follow up visit?

After your physical exam in Hialeah, you will be contacted by the doctor by phone or email. He or she will discuss the report with you and provide you with a copy of your test results. Depending on whether or not the results are within the norm, you may not need to go for a follow up visit. Nonetheless, if based on the report, your physician suspects that there are any areas of your health from which some further medical problems may arise, they will ask you to do some follow up screenings.

Visit us today for your physical in Hialeah. Remember that many diseases are treatable when detected at an early enough stage. What is more you can save thousands of dollars by identifying pre-existing conditions. Read a full a list of all the physical examinations in Hialeah we provide.