RiteCare For Your Money

As you may know an Urgent Care Center will always save you time and money in those times of need. There is no mystery about this: an Emergency room should only be used when life-threatening illnesses and injuries occur.

Urgent Care Centers are definitely the new solution, but how can you know if Ritecare Medical Center is better than other Urgent Care Centers?

Ritecare Medical Center provides you with a full range of medical services that you won’t find in a single location anywhere else. Don’t waste your time and money in the emergency room or in other Urgent Care Centers, at Ritecare you will always receive excellent medical care by one of our board certified Physicians.

We have the mission to contribute to the health and well-being of people in our community by providing reliable and prompt medical care that is both convenient and cost effective. We will always strive to improve our practice by continuously evaluating our processes and identifying new methods that will enable us to further excel in the care of our patients.

Ritecare Will Always Provide Affordable, Convenient, and Professional Medical Care