Can I go to an Urgent Care Center instead of the emergency room?

Emergency rooms are designed to treat life-threatening illnesses and injuries and are therefore available 24 hours a day. Urgent care centers are a great alternative for you if you need immediate medical care for a non-life threatening illness or injury. Some common illnesses and injuries managed in an urgent care center include: allergies, cold and flu, strains and sprains, minor trauma, sinusitis, fractures, and headaches.

When is it appropriate to go to an Urgent Care Center?

Consider an urgent care center if you have a non-life threatening injury or illness that you deem urgent but does not require hospital care. Urgent care centers offer quality medical care that is both timely and affordable. Patients could expect to be evaluated and treated in one hour at Ritecare urgent care centers and the co-payments are less than for the emergency room for most insurance carriers.

Will my insurance be accepted at an Urgent Care Center?

Most urgent care centers contract with insurance companies. Generally, the co-payment for an urgent care center will be less than that of an emergency room and greater than a visit to your primary care physician.

How will becoming a VIP Client help my company?

By becoming a VIP Ritecare Urgent Medical Center client, you are protecting your company from accidents and potential lawsuits. At RiteCare, we are experts in workers compensation and we guarantee your employee will be treated with the best medical attention while handling your case with accurate documentation and professionalism.

Does it cost to become a VIP Client?

Absolutely NOT. We want you and your company to become a part of the Ritecare Urgent Medical Center Team by providing you with excellent, reliable and prompt occupational medicine, In order to do so we want you to become a VIP member, which will only benefit your company.

How can I become a VIP Client?

In Ritecare Medical Center we make things easy for you, there is not complicated paperwork, there are only three simple steps:

  • 1) Go to VIP in the Bottom of the page
  • 2) Go to Forms
  • 3) Fill VIP Form online or fax it back to us

If you have a question please let us know