RiteCare Urgent Care vs ER: Where to Bring Your Sick Child?

For most parents, a trip to the emergency room (ER) for a child sick with a fever or hurt with injury guarantees that your family gets the medical attention needed regardless of the time of day. Since ERs are always open, you can be assured that there will be a doctor attending to your baby, no matter how simple or severe her condition is.

However, there could be instances when you’re sidelined at the ER in favor of actual medical emergencies from other patients. You could be wasting time waiting or taking the chance for your sick and weak child to rest in bed because the ER can be a crowded area.

So, while going to the ER might help, there are certain situations when it is better to go to urgent care centers, such as Ritecare Medical Center in Hialeah, than to emergency rooms. Below is a guide on where to bring your child depending on the medical issue.

If a child has a fever:

Going to the ER is recommended for babies below two months old whose fever is 100.4ºF and above to prevent a seizure. If your baby with a high fever is more than two months old and hasn’t responded to fever medications, a visit to an urgent care facility will suffice to make sure that the child will not be dehydrated, as per medical experts in Parents magazine

Please note that most urgent care centers only cater to patients who are 6 years and older, so in order to make sure that they will meet the medical needs of your child, contact the facility beforehand.

If a child fell from a height:

Broken bones, some swelling, loss of consciousness, a change in behavior and vomiting necessitates a trip to the ER. If there are no such signs, you may bring the child to urgent care for a quick evaluation.

If a child has a cut:

A cut on the face or any deep cut where the bleeding doesn’t stop will need an ER treatment because the child will likely get stitches. If the cut is caused by an animal bite, the child will also be given a tetanus booster shot or oral antibiotics on top of the stitches. If the cut is minor and doesn’t appear in the face, the medical staff at an urgent care facility are more than capable of handling the situation. 

If the child was stung by an insect: 

Go to the ER if the child has developed a severe allergic reaction. If the reaction is mild, go to urgent care centers. For older children with no reaction, you can treat the irritated area at home using over-the-counter topical products.

If a child has an earache:

A child in pain or experiencing hearing loss must be brought to the ER as soon as possible as something could be lodged in the affected ear. If you think your irritable child has an ear infection, then a trip to an urgent care facility will suffice. 

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