Safer Sun through Self-Tanning

Living in South Florida is a sun-bathing temptation any day of the week.  Avoid UV tanning and consider self-tanning, a far safer and sunless option when compared to permanent skin damage with direct exposure from our Miami sun.

Getting Your Glow

For many, the golden skin tone from sun tanning makes us look better and feel healthier.  Being part of the smart generation using self-tanner products is a great way to avoid the sun’s harmful exposure to your skin.  You can smooth, swipe or spray on a light bronze glow for a deep, dark tan which dries in less than 45 minutes to one hour.  Many runway models and movie celebrities like Nicole Kidman are avoiding the sun all together to avoid permanent skin damage and delay premature wrinkles later on.    “Sunless tanning is much safer,” says Hossein Joukar, M.D., “and far better for any skin type, including those people with naturally darker tones.”

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most effective products available are sunless or self-tanning lotions that contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. This ingredient will change the color of your skin; it usually lasts about five to seven days from the initial application. DHA does offer some protection, equivalent to an SPF of about 2 to 4, simply not enough protection according to dermatology experts.

When walking outside during sunlight hours, you will need to protect your skin from the sun.

The daily dose of Vitamin D, captured in our skin by the UVB rays from the sun, delivers beneficial exposure at 5 – 10 minutes per day.   But be sure to apply a sunscreen with a protection factor at 30 or higher.

Too Much Glow?

If you or a member of your family becomes sunburned, consider topic treatments purchased at the local drug store or come to RiteCare Medical Urgent Care for immediate attention.