Protect Your Business

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The Rite Care You Deserve

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Protect Your Business

Ritecare Medical Center protects your company by:

  • 1) Providing excellent medical care
  • 2) Avoiding lawsuits
  • 3) Providing Accurate Documentation
  • 4) Reducing your Insurance Premium
  • 5) Saving you time and money


Be prepared

In a work-related injury, it is important to send the employee to a treatment facility where the patient’s well-being is the first priority, but also the well-being of your company.   Our urgent care walk-in medical centers are located in greater Miami.

There are two clients – the patient, and your company.  The goal is to give the patient the best medical care, to protect your company and save you time and money.

Our urgent care facilities provide prompt medical attention at lower cost than an emergency room.


Set a Protocol

Before the injury occurs, your company needs to establish a treatment protocol so everyone in the company knows what to do in a life-threatening situation: dial 911 and get the employee to an emergency room as quickly as possible. In an urgent, but non-life threatening situation, however, the patient should go to an Occupational Medical Center that has a pre-established relationship with your company. RiteCare Medical Center not only provides urgent care services but also works closely with companies to meet their occupational medicine needs in a time- and cost-efficient manner which may include physical therapy and other medical follow-up medical appointments.


Avoiding Lawsuits

Florida leads the nation with more than 30 percent of Workers’ Compensation claims involving a defense attorney when an employee has been out of work for more than 7 days.

Your goal as an employer, then, is to get the injured employee the best possible medical attention for the injury so he or she is satisfied with the care, and then have a doctor with expertise in Workers’ Compensation get the employee back to work as soon as possible.


Studies show that the possibility of acquiring a lawsuit significantly decreases when employers select a medical facility where their employees are treated with respect and professionalism and are provided with accurate documentation.

It is very easy to protect you and your company. Start protecting your company today by becoming one of our distinguished VIP clients and start saving time and money.