Planning a Trip?

Affordable Travel Preparation

Ritecare Urgent Medical Center travel physicians will review your itinerary and medical history, provide the necessary shots or vaccinations and prescriptions, and give you advice for staying healthy throughout your trip. You should see us four weeks before your departure to allow ample time for shots and vaccinations, but we also offer urgent care services and last-minute travel support for those who didn’t have plan a trip in advance.

Ritecare Urgent Medical Center patients receive email consultations and prescriptions. If you require shots or vaccinations, you’ll be responsible for the cost of the vaccines as well as an office visit fee.

Special Vaccinations

Certain shots or vaccinations, including those against rabies and Japanese encephalitis, are only available at specialized travel clinics. Let us know your travel itinerary.  Ritecare Urgent Medical Center physicians will help determine whether you need any of these vaccines and direct you to the appropriate clinic. Note that travelers to equatorial Africa and parts of South America will require proof of vaccination against yellow fever. For more details, visit the CDC travel website.


Are you protecting your body?

Even if you are not traveling to an exotic destination, you will need to be prepared for the seasonal changes in Miami, Hialeah, South Miami/The Falls or Miami Airport/Miami Springs. Vaccines or shots prepare your body’s immune system to fight off the flu, measles, chicken pox, hepatitis, and other viruses and bacteria. Getting an immunization or a shot can decrease your chances of getting sick or lessen the intensity of an illness.

At Ritecare Urgent Medical Center, we provide immunizations for you and your family in the comfort of our rooms in our center. You may make an appointment online and we will contact you by phone to schedule an appointment or you may visit as a regular walk-in patient. Our goal at RiteCare Medical Center is to become your primary source for vaccine information, education and administration.

Keep the flu at bay

Keep the flu at bay

What you need to know about the flu to protect yourself this season!