Why Delaying Medical Treatment After an Auto Injury is a Bad Idea

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Some victims of an auto injury don’t seek medical treatment if they do not have any visible fractures, pain or wounds. They forego a visit to the doctor if the injury from the accident seems minor and tolerable. 

But, regardless of the severity of the injury, medical experts in Ritecare auto clinic, Hialeah strongly advise against delaying medical attention after an auto injury. While you may be feeling alright, the whole incident might have actually shaken you up so much that you could feel the effects following a few days.

What the Body Goes Through Immediately after an Auto Injury

Understand that you could be experiencing a rush of adrenaline and endorphins following the accident. This is called the fight or flight response which, unfortunately, could be masking the pain in your body.

So, you might be thinking that it’s okay to brush off the idea of getting a medical evaluation since you feel fine. But, there is such a thing as “the golden hour” in road accidents. If victims are given the proper medical attention within this period, then the chances of reducing the severity of injuries are greater, according to the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. 

Doctors in Ritecare auto injury clinic Hialeah recommends that even if you don’t feel anything critical, or even if the pain is subsiding, it’s still important to get yourself checked for signs of trauma. You have to ensure that you’re in good condition through a thorough medical evaluation. You must also get the proper confirmation and documentation in case you need proof for insurance claims later on.

Delayed Manifestations of Auto Injury

Alternatively, some injuries after a car accident may not be manifesting symptoms until weeks or months after. But if you get yourself checked, then doctors would be able to see any hidden injuries before you recognize it yourself. 

There are also conditions that might not even have any obvious symptoms. However, you could still be feeling its effects because your body, and even your mind, could be experiencing odd sensations and other abnormalities. 

Some of the most common auto injuries with delayed manifestations include:

  • Frequent headaches several days after an accident, which could indicate a blood clot or concussion.
  • Intermittent pain in the neck and shoulder area, which might be the effects of whiplash and can become chronic pain if unchecked, according to research.
  • Lightheadedness and fainting spells, which are signs of internal bleeding.
  • Numbness and tingling sensations, which might represent sprains or fractures. 
  • Back pain, which may also indicate damage to the muscles, ligaments, and the spine itself.

Understand as well that if treatment is administered earlier, then your recovery from the trauma or injury can be faster and easier. Delays can only make the medical problem worse, making it harder to treat or reverse.

auto clinic Hialeah

When to Go to the Doctor 

Ideally, you must get yourself medically evaluated in a trusted auto clinic in Hialeah on the same day of the accident. But if it’s not possible, the least you could do is go to the doctor within three days after the incident.

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