What Work Comp Services does RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center provide in Hialeah?

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For those of you who are familiar with RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center, you will know that it has many years of experience providing healthcare services to companies and their employees. This is more commonly known a occupational medicine. But for those of you who are new to workers compensation, we figured it would be helpful to give you a quick recap of the work comp services which RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center in Hialeah provides.

1. Treatment of Work Related Injuries

Many years ago, patients who were injured at work would usually be sent to the nearest hospital. For serious and life threatening injuries, that is still the case. However, for non-life threatening injuries, it is not ideal. Firstly, such injuries are considered not urgent, so employees are often left in the waiting room for several hours. Secondly, medical treatment at hospitals can be quite expensive. This is why RiteCare’s walk-in urgent care center in Hialeah has become so popular. The doctors and medical team onsite can provide fast and effective medical treatment for non-life threatening work related injuries. This enables employees to get back to work faster and also reduces costs for employers.

2. Physicals

RiteCare provides all the physical examinations which employers require, including pre-employment physicals and DOT physicals in Hialeah. DOT is short for Department of Transportation and this government department requires commercial drivers to pass a physical test for their license. This exam must be done every two years in order to keep your DOT card and be able to operate a commercial vehicle. RiteCare can walk drivers through the whole process and perform the exam onsite at our Medical Center in Hialeah. Read more about DOT Physicals in Hialeah.

3. Pre-employment Drug Testing

It is quite standard for employers to ask employees to undergo a pre-employment drugs test. This is considered to be good HR and risk management practice, not just ensuring the safety of the employee, but also to his/her colleagues. Some employers also require employees to undergo this test on a regular basis. For employers requiring drug testing in Hialeah, RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center is a convenient and experienced option.

More information about RiteCare’s Work Comp Services

The above are just 3 of RiteCare’s work comp services. There are many other ways that RiteCare helps employees to keep employees fit for duty and healthy. Read more about RiteCare’s occupational medicine program.

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