Work Related Injuries

Treatment of Work Related Injuries

RiteCare provides medical treatment for all non-emergency work related injuries. These include:

    • Back Injuries
    • Cuts / Lacerations
    • Fractures
    • Minor Burns
    • Minor Trauma
    • Sprains and Strains

    However, for all life-threatening emergencies, please dial 911 or go straight to your nearest Emergency Room.

    DWC-25 Form

    What is the DWC-25 Form?

    The DWC-25 Form is a state mandated form. Providers are required to complete it when evaluating and treatment work related injuries in the state of Florida. According to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation: “The provider must complete form DFS-F5-DWC-25 to request authorization for a medical treatment plan, to communicate to the carrier an injured employee’s medical status, to document the injured employee’s date of Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI date), and to document a Permanent Impairment Rating (PI Rating).”

    How long does it take to get a completed DWC-25 Form?

    Our medical providers complete the DWC-25 Form immediately after treating the injured employee. This means that the employee – and the employer – have all the necessary paperwork and information they need to proceed with either returning to work, or to the next stage of rehabilitation.

    Why choose RiteCare for your work related injury instead of an Emergency Room?

    There are several reasons to choose RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center instead of an emergency room:

    1. Fast Care Emergency Rooms usually work on a triage system, whereby the most life-threatening injuries are treated first. This means that, if you do not have a life-threatening injury, that you will likely have to wait to be treated. For non-life-threatening injuries, our walk-in clinic is a great alternative. You will be treated quickly and – depending on the injury – can often return to work immediately.

  • 2. Affordability of Care Most employers and Workers’ Compensation Insurance companies know that hospitals can be an expensive place to receive treatment. By contrast, Urgent Care Centers which accept work comp patients are a much for affordable option. This leads to significant cost savings, while still providing a high level of medical care and treatment to employees.

  • 3. Experience with Workers’ Compensation
    Work related injuries are different to other injuries because they are paid for by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. As a result of this, additional paperwork is required. The DWC-25 Form must be completed by medical providers when treating work related injuries. If the doctor has experience of this form – and the system – it makes the process much easier for both the employer and the employee. RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center has been treating work related injuries for many years. We can help guide the employee through the whole process, taking the stress out of an already stressful situation. Our Medical Director, Dr. Joukar, is very experienced in treated and evaluation work related injuries. View Dr. Joukar’s Workers Compensation Profile.

What other services does RiteCare provider to Employers?

In addition to providing treatment for work related injuries, RiteCare also providers several other medical services to employers.These include Occupational Medicine, Drug Testing in Hialeah, DOT Physicals in Hialeah, Physical Therapy in Hialeah, and Occupational Therapy. This means that employers can use RiteCare Urgent Care Medical Center as a “one stop shop” for all their medical needs.

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