Excellence in Workers’ Compensation

No matter how safe your work environment, accidents will happen. Prepare yourself ahead of time: know where you’ll send your work­ers for top-notch, timely medical care from a provider specialized in occupational medi­cine and dedicated to keeping your workers healthy and on the job.

RiteCare Occupational Medical Center has extensive experience in workers’ comp and in treating workplace injuries that are not life­threatening. Injured employees are treated promptly by our board-certified physicians and typically return to work the same day.

Don’t wait until the pressure and stress of an accident causes you to make uninformed de­cisions about where to send your employees that may cost your business thousands of un­necessary dollars. Do your research ahead of time. Then you’ll know that a hospital emer­gency room is typically not the best choice for a workplace injury – employees may wait many hours to be treated. And you’ll realize that both the emergency room and the em­ployee’s primary care physician, while able to provide quality medical treatment, have little experience with workers’ compensation laws and stay-at-work focus.


At RiteCare Occupational Medical Center, your employee’s health is our top priority.

Our objective is to provide excellent medical care to employees and return employees to work as soon as possible, with appropriate restrictions.


Do your homework – we encourage you to do your research before accidents happen. We invite you o research us, visit our facil­ity, talk with us, and establish a relationship. We help you to set up a treatment protocol in which all employees know what to do in all situations and that for non-life-threaten­ing workplace injuries, they should get the injured employee to RiteCare Occupational Medical Center.


Florida leads the nation in the percentage of Workers’ Compensation claims that involve a defense attorney when an employee has been out of work for more than seven days – at more than 30 percent, it’s shockingly high!


  • Excellent Quality of Care Providing excellent medical care is our first priority.
  • Experts in Workers’ Compensation We are committed to reducing lost time through our strong stay at work policy and to control costs for employers.
  • Experienced Board-certified Physicians At RiteCare Occupational Medical Center, employees receive personalized care from our board-certified physicians.
  • Prompt Treatment Your employee will be seen in less than an hour.
  • Full Range of Medical Services We apply casts and suture wounds, have on­site X-ray service, and offer physical therapy to maximize the health outcome and employee satisfaction.
  •  Open Seven Days with Extended Hours We’re here when you need us, with night, weekend, and holiday hours.

  • Tailored Services to Meet Your Company’s Needs  

  • Employees can leave with their medication rather than having to spend more time away from work visiting a pharmacy.

  • On-Site Pharmacy

  • Complete Drug-Testing Program Substance abuse screening through certified labs and a Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO) on staff.

  • Our staff communicates and coordinates with all providers involved from the initial accident to the final discharge.

  • Centralized Case Management

  • We provide medical reports in less than 24 hours.

  • Timely and Consistent Reporting

We provide a wide range of programs and services. For more information or an analysis of your company’s occupational healthcare needs, call us.