Worried about your skin rash? (Read Our Faqs And See If You Should Be)

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Rash – defining what it is…

The word “rash” means a variation of the color and texture of skin that typically shows up as red patches or bumps on your skin. The term “rash” commonly refers to various skin conditions.

If you are reading this article, you have probably found a suspicious rash on your skin and are wondering if you should panic. Don’t do that just yet. There is a big chance that this different skin color or the  bumps have a simple explanation. Read our FAQs to find the answer to the question that is troubling you.

What can cause skin rashes?

A rash can be caused by a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection – not necessarily directly. However, a rash can be unconnected to an infectious organism. A primary medical illness, medications, chronic illnesses, or an allergic reactions are amongst many various causes of rashes.

Are rashes contagious?

Most of the common rashes are not contagious. In order to make sure, make an appointment with your primary care doctor. If you live in Hialeah, a medical center in Hialeah is the right place for an appointment for you.

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What does eczema look like?

Eczema is a common skin condition. If you have it, your skin will probably be inflamed, red, scaly, and itchy. Eczema can transpire in adults or children. The condition is not transmittable.

What does granuloma annulare look like?

Granuloma annulare is a chronic skin disorder that involves a ring of small, firm bumps over the backs of the forearms, hands, or feet. It is possible to observe multiple rings in some cases. This rash can also be a little itchy.

Most commonly, the problem affects children and teenagers. Granuloma annulare is a little more frequent in girls and usually is observed in people who are generally healthy.

What does Lichen Planus look like?

Lichen Planus presents itself in the shape of glossy, flat-topped bumps of a purple or reddish color, and it is frequently itchy. When it shows up on the scalp, the condition may cause hair loss. Lichen planus can also cause brittle or split nails.

What does pityriasis rosea look like?

When pityriasis rosea is first spotted, it shows up as a large, scaly, pink area on the skin, followed by further skin lesions. The rash may become itchy and the skin may become red or inflamed. Pityriasis rosea usually appear on the back, neck, chest, abdomen, upper arms, and legs.

What does impetigo look like?

Impetigo is most commonly observed in young kids, and it shows up primarily on their face and hands in the summer season. The sores are red and wet in the beginning, then they start looking like a yellow-orange crust. It is an infectious disease.

What does ringworm look like?

If you find ring-shaped splotches of dry, itchy or burning skin around your body (especially your feet), there is a good chance it is ringworm. No, it is not a worm! It’s a fungus, and like all fungi, it likes damp and warm places.

Can a rash be serious?

Most rashes are not perilous, however, they can be a  relatively meager nuisance. Serious skin rashes are uncommon, but when they do happen, you must seek immediate medical help. If you live in Hialeah and suspect your rash could be serious, a medical center in Hialeah is the right place for you to make an appointment.

Will a rash go away on its own?

As a general rule, the longer you have the rash, the more advisable it is that you see a doctor. Most commonly, a rash should disappear on its own after a day or two.

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